The first man on earth to offload mobile photos to a Kwilt® Shoebox from a plane!

Today, I did something amazing. It all started on a cloudy morning over San Francisco. Very early. I had to get to LA for the day to visit Kwilt industry partners. Early traffic on the 101. Time gets tight. My flight boards at 6:05 AM. I reach the airport parking at 6:05! The parking gate refuses to open for the motorbike in front of me. I backup, change lane, change gate. Get in. Rush to park. Turn the car off while looking at the dash’s clock. It’s only 6:07. Pressure builds up. I’m doing quite well!

No chance for a Peet’s Coffee this time. I’ll pass for now. Long walk through the terminal. I finally reach gate 55. I’m on time after all. What’s the point in being at the airport early in the end?

I take a seat in the Airbus A320. Virgin America. I love flying this airline. Nice seats, nice ambiance, soft lighting. Even in economy, they make you feel special. It is now 6:20 and I am comfortably seated or so says the message on the screen in front of me.

Looks like I have some time to kill before we take off. 25 minutes to be exact. Usual emails. Then I get onto the exciting stuff: what has R&D cooked during the night? We have coding artists in Europe, Asia and North America and our CTO seem to never sleep (except in the car when driven to the next meeting), so there are new things coming out 24 hours a day. I log on a couple of test units spread across the teams to see what’s new. Trying out cool stuff that will make it to consumers’ Shoeboxes in the next few weeks. That’s the beauty of the mobile era. What gets created today gets in users’ hands in a matter of a few weeks. Gone are the days when software updates came only once a year. The twentieth century is definitely a thing of the past!

And while I test some cool new cloud twists, I realize that there will be Wi-Fi on-board the plane. Wait a minute, has anyone yet interacted with a Kwilt Shoebox from a plane 30,000 feet in the air? Has anyone offloaded his or her phone memories from above the clouds? Since the product will be released next Tuesday, only our beta users and Kwilt team could have done it. Hmm… I think I will be the first one to try this. Sweet!

Well, well, well…don’t get overly excited, there is zero technical challenge with this. It’s just for the kick of being the first human being to do what many others will do moving forward. I can be the first man to offload mobile photos from a plane up in the air to a USB drive connected to a home Shoebox. Yeah! That’s going to be my mission on that flight.

We take off. We climb high, fast. I get on the Wi-Fi and $4.95 later I can browse the world below my feet for 30 minutes. Ready, set, go! I start the process. I take a few pics to prove I was really there. Then I kick Kwilt 3.0 on my iPhone. Auto-login and I can see my home content. That’s a good start. Now for the moment of truth: I hit the “Offload to Kwilt Shoebox” menu. I chose to delete the photos from my phone after offload. Let’s live dangerously! And the process starts. Not bad, my 8 local photos get offloaded quite quickly. I confirm the deletion. All done. In a minute or so I become the first human being to offload from the clouds to a Kwilt Shoebox personal cloud at home! It’s that simple. Even in the sky, the “Phone storage full” message tyranny is a thing of the past, like the twentieth century with its yearly software updates. It goes without saying, times are changing.

I had a busy day filled with exciting and promising meetings…and crazy traffic jams. On my way back, the plane is delayed. Of course. It’s getting late but I am a happy camper, I started it all up in the air!


Now, who will be the first woman to offload personal memories to a Kwilt Shoebox from the sky? Who will be the first one to offload videos from above the clouds? Let me know, I’m curious!

Nice kwilting!
Marc-Antoine Benglia
Co-Founder and CEO, Kwilt.