Introducing Kwilt® Shoebox, a classic reinvented.

It’s 2017 and we are still struggling with our ever-increasing photos and video collections. Our smartphone cameras are now amazingly good and 4.5 B consumers take so many photos and videos each day that the industry has stopped counting. Photos are now virtually free and we enjoy documenting our lives with gorgeous memories.

Cloud storage and social media have brought archiving and sharing solutions each with their limitations. We still keep our memories locked in our phones for lack of convenience, privacy issues and high storage costs.

We fill up out smartphones with photos and videos and this message pops up too often at the wrong time!

The Kwilt founding team has been breathing digital photography and personal digital assets management for over 20 years and we have set our sight on making consumer memories experience a joy -yes, you read that right! We have built a unique photo/video access platform over the past two years. The Kwilt ecosystem allows users to access all their cloud, social, mobile and home photos in one fully searchable stream in real time. This happens through a novel and patent pending crawling and indexing engine that is nimble and non-intrusive. Along the way, we have partnered with household names such as Netgear to allow users convenient access to their home collections.

The popular Netgear Nighthawk family of routers are now Kwilt-enabled, meaning you can connect a USB drive to your router and all the photos and videos stored on that drive are available to you anywhere, anytime on your mobile.

Users are still telling us they are having a hard time navigating iCloud, Google Photos and other closed environments for their photos. On the one hand, iCloud forces an ever-increasing storage cost on consumers simply because as time goes by new assets are added to the collections while file resolution keep increasing. On the other hand, Google Photos’ approach is to offer a two-tier solution. If you pay, you get to keep your original file sizes or if you chose to go for the freebie, you end up with compressed and lower resolution images and videos. In the long run, consumers realize what a mistake it is to compromise an original resolution as our screens and printing capabilities call for ever higher resolutions. Think about this : no one will want to watch a grainy toddler video 20 years from now at your kid’s college graduation party when you could have kept the original 4k video and 16 mega pixel photos. You’ll definitely be regretting you’re freebie choice.

While the free 5GB iCloud storage includes a lot more than just photos and videos and gets full very quickly as a result, the Google Photos free backup service reduces the quality and resolution of photos and videos stored.

Let’s just picture a very typical scenario. Your friend replaces her Android phone with a brand-new iPhone but still has to keep her old phone because all her photos taken in the past few years are on it. Why does she keep it ? Because transfering 3 years worth of photos is simply too complicated and does not fit her busy life. Or what happens when she loses that older phone and every single photographic memory from the last 3 years of her life are gone forever.

Or imagine your sister in law taking her iPad everywhere with her because all her photos and videos from the last couple years are on it. How convenient is that? You shoot and you show your everyday photos and videos from one device but is there a backup somewhere? You know how it is: her iPad and her Windows 8 PC don’t really talk to each other. And besides, that PC is getting flaky so she’ll just wait until she buys a new one to take the time and figure out how to transfer all that stuff. How about iCloud? Well she gets confused. Sometimes it syncs between the iPhone and the iPad but sometimes it doesn’t. She needs to upgrade her subscription anyway, her iCloud is full. She needs to check what is best before she pays more to Apple because she heard Flickr is free. BAM before she has the chance do any of those things, her iPad falls out of her purse. Goodbye iPad, goodbye memories and hello Prozac.

Now, one last scenario, my daughter’s friend goes to Europe for a summer vacation and realizes that her iPhone is full. Luckily, she can get Wi-Fi at the airport for the two hours she has to spare. She does not want to pay for iCloud or Google Photos but wants to offload her photos somewhere safe. She knows about the lower-res photo compression on the free service and wants to avoid it. Luckily again, an electronic store at the airport happens to sell iXpand devices. $90 and a few painful tweaks later, she can offload her photos and videos. She is ready to make room for new memories on her phone. She feels like a hero, lands in Spain and takes tons of photos. Two weeks later she’s on the train to Paris and falls asleep. She wakes up with no purse, no phone, no iXpand and no memories. She just lost 15GB of graduation photos and all her Spanish souvenirs with Xavier, her new boyfriend from Madrid. Besides having to buy a new phone asap, she just lost some of her most precious souvenirs.

This is all changing with the Kwilt Shoebox. Let’s get back to the basics. Consumers want to know what they pay for, what they can and cannot do without having to pull out their wallets every five minutes or carefully read the fine-prints. They have several of hard drives and thumb drives in their drawers but want to be cord-free. They want the cloud convenience without the cloud bills, the lack of privacy and the confusion.

We went back to the very familiar and beloved household conceptof the shoebox. The only difference now is it is digital, but at the root it is simple, nimble, expandable, convenient, friendly, very accessible and adaptable. Oh, and it won’t break the bank either.

Kwilt® Shoebox, a classic re-invented conveniently offers unlimited personal storage for mobile phoes and tablet with easy access from anywhere.

Kwilt Shoebox is a friendly, tiny, energy efficient, cute looking device that sits on your home shelf and connects to your Wi-Fi. It hosts as many diverse USB storage drives and memory sticks as you want that way you can safely store, index and access your photos and videos from anywhere at anytime. Storage space is virtually unlimited. It simply lets you connect whatever USB storage device of any size to the Shoebox. From your phone, you can offload your photos and videos from anywhere you have Internet access. You can also access, search and share those memories directly from your phone with the new Kwilt 3.0 application for iOS and Android. Obviously, you will discover a lot more features and come up with many more use case scenarios for your Kwilt Shoebox, but already, at $49.99 (limited introductory offer) and without any monthly fee, your phone storage nightmare is gone for good.

So rejoice, free up your memories and kiss goodbye to the annoying “Phone storage full” message. With the  Kwilt Shoebox, consider it history and move onto better things -your life that is!


Marc-Antoine Benglia

Co-Founder and CEO, Kwilt.

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Marc-Antoine Benglia
Co-founder and CEO at Kwilt

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