The Photo Shoebox Reinvented.
Just $69.99. No monthly fee.

Your phone lets you take photos and record videos so you can capture exciting times, great experiences and important events the moment they happen. We are set free by this amazing technology but then limited by the storage of the phone itself. No longer.

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Offload memories.

No need to choose which photos or videos to delete to free up space. No monthly cloud storage fees. Simply use the companion Android and iOS Kwilt mobile apps to easily offload your phone photos & videos to your Kwilt Shoebox from anywhere.

Preserve memory.

Plug any USB drive or flash memory of any size to your Kwilt Shoebox. Enjoy unlimited storage for your mobile. Save all your precious photos & videos in the privacy of your home. Keep your full resolution originals, don’t compromise.

Access anywhere.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to all your photos & videos from your phone, your tablet, the web, and your Windows & Mac PC. Search, play, print and share your memories with the new Kwilt 3.0 mobile application for iOS and Android.

Additional features

• Store and access any file type;
• Easy photo and video sharing;
• Rich mobile photo editing;
• Play your photos & videos on your TV;
• Directly order custom photo prints from your phone;
• Web, Windows & Mac compatible;
• Office365 & Outlook add-ins;
• Free Android & iOS apps.


• CPU: 1GHz, Single-core;
• USB: Micro USB;
• POWER: Micro USB power;
• Wi-Fi: 802.11n.

Unlimited personal storage for your phone.