Never run out of phone storage again. Take control.

Is there anything more frustrating than the “Cannot Take Photo” message that pops up when you’re trying to capture a moment? When that gut-sinking message of betrayal shows up it means one of two things: sacrificing memories or paying for more cloud storage. Until now.

Kwilt Shoebox is a tiny, yet powerful device that turns any USB drive into your very own cloud. Always ready for your mobile photo & video offloads, accessible anywhere, anytime, and always secure. Take control, now you’re the boss.


Say hello to no limits.

The beauty of Kwilt Shoebox is that it’s made to fit your own needs & budget. If you want to start with a 64GB USB key, stick it in and get going! You have a 1TB portable drive? Go for it! You need something with really BIG storage? Connect your 8TB 4-bay drive! You want them all? Add a USB hub and plug as many drives as your heart desires.

Your Shoebox grows with your memories without formatting your drive or USB key in any specific proprietary format. No monthly fees, no gotchas. You choose the size of your personal cloud.

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Keep it private.

Do you ever wonder if your files on Google or iCloud are really safe and private? Sure, the cloud is great, but at what price? Kwilt Shoebox offers all of a commercial clouds’ benefits but with a major advantage: your cloud belongs to you and you only.

Kwilt does not copy your private content, instead, it connects your mobile devices from anywhere to your connected content at home. Finally, a cloud you can touch & trust.


Access everything from anywhere.

You are mobile. The only thing that you always have with you is your phone. You know that you can access the world with a touch of a button, but you still struggle with the basics. In the ever-changing world of technology and social media, your memories are scattered everywhere, mostly out of reach when you need them most.

Access all of your photos & videos stored with Kwilt Shoebox – along with those stored in your cloud and social media networks from anywhere. We’ll take credit for the smile on your face as you re-discover your life in the palm of your hand.

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Don’t compromise on quality.

Bigger and better. That’s the name of the game with your smartphone’s camera. Higher resolution photos, higher definition videos. Yet with free cloud storage, there’s always a catch – like shrinking the resolution of your precious memories.

What’s the point of having a beautiful camera on your smartphone if you end up with compressed photos and degraded videos? Don’t compromise by making sure your memories are future-proof. Think BIG. Keep all of your high-res originals, now you’ve got room with Kwilt Shoebox.


Control your destiny.

Your memories are too precious to lock into one ecosystem or under proprietary format, dropping them into some cloud you don’t know, or risking everything on a fly by night cloud storage service. We know the last thing you want is to be held hostage by anyone when it comes to your digital life.

Manage your own budget & the size of your cloud, easily switch from Apple to Android or any other platform, and fully trust your storage provider: you. At Kwilt we believe you should have total control over your digital life, and it starts with your photos & videos.

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Save money.

Insanely expensive phone storage capacity and a monthly wallet drain is what you’re stuck with when it comes to the world of mobile photos & videos.

A Kwilt Shoebox means saying goodbye to monthly cloud storage fees, paying less for your next phone by reducing the memory to the minimum, owning your storage once and for all, and finally stopping the cash drain.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Connect your Kwilt Shoebox to your Wi-Fi network, plug your USB drive into your Kwilt Shoebox, start freeing up your smartphone’s memory and enjoy all your photos and videos from anywhere. Rest assured your privacy is respected, Kwilt does not keep a copy of your photos & videos on Kwilt servers. All your memories are stored on your own drive connected to your Kwilt Shoebox at home.

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Powerful apps for a rich photo experience.

Kwilt Shoebox comes with an amazing suite of apps for iOS, Android and Microsoft Office365 so you can enjoy your photos and videos anytime, anywhere, in any way you want.


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