Save your Photos & Videos to the Privacy of your Home and Access & Share them from Anywhere.



Simply plug your own USB drives into Kwilt Shoebox at home and make all your content available on the go.



Save your phone, Action Cam, Drone or DSLR camera photos & videos at home from anywhere.



Access your home drives content from anywhere using your phone or tablet.



Share your best shots any way you want: message, email, post or link, from anywhere.

Choose the model that best fits your needs.

The Mini is best for the Smartphone photographer.

The enhanced power of the Plus is best for the enthusiast photographer using a DSLR, Action Camera or Drone.

Kwilt Shoebox Mini

Kwilt® Shoebox Mini

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Processing power: 1GHz Single core
Storage ports: 1 x USB
WiFi: 802.11n
Ethernet port: N/A
Input port: N/A
Bonus storage: 32 GB USB memory key

Kwilt Shoebox Plus

Kwilt® Shoebox Plus

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Processing power: 1.4GHz Quad core
Storage ports: 4 x USB
WiFi: 802.11ac
Ethernet port: 1x Fast Ethernet
Input port: SD/SDHC/SDXC/TF card reader
Bonus storage: 64 GB USB memory key

What the press say.

Kwilt Shoebox consistently receives great reviews. Check it out!

“Once you have all your photos and videos, where do you store them? Now there’s a way to stash them in a safe place without having to pay monthly storage fees. It’s called the Kwilt Shoebox.”

— Michael FinneyABC 7.

This device is good for those that want to be able to backup photos and videos. Use existing storage devices and you have full control of your media.

Brian UnboxedBrian Unboxed (Youtube).

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus makes the process of safeguarding your priceless pictures and videos that are on your cell phone, easy and painless. I can’t wait to see what Kwilt comes up with next. In my opinion, this is a win.

Julian PerryThe Gadgeteer.

Powerful apps for a rich photo & video experience.

Kwilt Shoebox comes with an amazing suite of apps for iOS and Android. It also allows access directly from your Windows and Mac computers file system from anywhere so you can open any of the files saved on your Shoebox and save back to it with your preferred desktop apps.

Apple App Store Google Play Store Office Store Office Store

What our users are saying.

A growing community of avid snappers are enjoying Kwilt Shoebox benefits. Here are a few words they shared with us.

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