Kwilt keeps it simple.

The concept can’t be simpler: Kwilt Shoebox turns your USB drives and keys at home into your very own cloud.

The setup can’t be easier: You connect Kwilt Shoebox to your Wi-Fi network (supports a, b, g and n 2.4 GHz networks), plug in your USB drive or key, start freeing up your smartphone’s memory then enjoy all of your photos and videos from anywhere.

The picture can’t be clearer: In case you asked, Kwilt doesn’t keep your photos & videos on its own cloud. All your memories are stored on your external drive connected to your own Kwilt Shoebox at home.


Power up your Kwilt Shoebox.

Connect the power adaptor to the Shoebox and plug it into a power outlet, the USB cable with a drive, or the HDMI adaptor to a TV. You can’t go wrong.


Connect any memory stick or external drive.

Your Kwilt Shoebox grows with your memories, your can start with a 64GB USB key, grow up to a 1TB portable drive later or even connect an 8TB 4-bay monster drive! You want them all? Add a USB hub and plug as many drives as your heart desires. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Better yet, Kwilt Shoebox does not format your drive or USB key in any specific proprietary file system, this means you can plug in-and-out and back-and-forth your drives to your Shoebox and your PCs. You are free to move your stuff around. Just make sure the photos & videos you want to access are on the drive(s) connected to your Shoebox!


Download & run the Kwilt mobile app.

Create or log in to a Kwilt account, tap the Shoebox icon on the top left corner, select “Setup a New Kwilt Shoebox”, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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You’re done. Have fun!

Now you can free up phone storage, control your precious memories, and enjoy your photos & videos anywhere! Zero cost, it’s that easy.