Seamlessly transfer, store and access all your footage.

Your life is an adventure and you capture every bit of it. Kwilt Shoebox Plus is your best partner!

Explore the world, no strings attached! What matters is the view, now you can capture it, store it and enjoy it with no boundaries. There’s finally a perfect home for your inspiring shots, your drone videos and action cam footages; it’s that place you call home. Kwilt Shoebox Plus comes with a 64GB memory stick to get you started.

Setting up Kwilt Shoebox is easy as 1, 2, 3!


Power up your Kwilt Shoebox Plus.

Connect the power adaptor to the Shoebox and plug it into a power supply. For a wired network connection, connect the Ethernet cable into the ethernet port and attach it to your router. You can’t go wrong.

Connect any memory stick or external drive.

Kwilt Shoebox Plus grows with your memories. Connect the included 64GB USB key or an external drive of any size! The Kwilt Shoebox Plus includes 4 USB ports for increased expansion capabilities.

Download & run the Kwilt mobile app.

Create or log in to a Kwilt account, tap the Shoebox icon on the top left corner, select “Setup a New Kwilt Shoebox”, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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No limits. No hacks. No fees.